About us

Our Story

We are a Peruvian business group with over 67 years of experience and regional reach. We specialize in diversified and integrated engineering and construction services, mining services, and infrastructure concessions. We have experience in Peru, Chile, and Colombia.

Our participation in developing large and complex projects in different scenarios and under diverse circumstances, allows us to continuously innovate our processes and consolidate our position among the leading companies in the sector.

We have more than six decades of dedicated and responsible work serving first-class clients in different sectors and generating value through the projects we develop.

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values


Building opportunities for all in a sustainable way.


To grow sustainably, generating profit and value for our stakeholders through the execution of our activities.


To be a business group with a regional reach, offering engineering and construction services, mining operations, and infrastructure concessions, prioritizing social responsibility and business ethics.


  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Integrity

Corporate Politics

Code of ethics

We adhere to the standards that guide our behavior and the way we make decisions.

Free competition

We compete actively and honestly in the markets where we operate, based on ethical principles and in compliance with applicable regulations and international best practices in the sector.

SSOMAC and energy

We develop a work discipline committed to maintaining high-quality standards, caring for the health and physical integrity of our collaborators, preserving the environment, and promoting energy efficiency.

Places we operate

We work with dedication and responsibility to generate a positive impact in the places where we operate and in the lives of those involved in the projects we develop.

Anti-corruption policy

In consistency with our Integrity value, we have implemented the JJC Ethics and Compliance System, which allows us to consolidate an ethical environment that reduces risks in our business and generates greater trust in our stakeholders.

Alcohol and drugs

We recognize the effects of alcohol and drug use on physical and mental health, affecting the safety, ability, and productivity of employees.

Human rights policy

We uphold human rights in accordance with international principles, establishing eight commitments.

Compliance Policy

We promote and encourage compliance with applicable laws and other adopted obligations, in line with our values, goals, and strategies, in order to continuously enhance our Ethics and Compliance System.

Our Publications


Sustainability Report 2021

We present the results of 2021 in the financial, social and environmental areas of the JJC group.

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JJC Comunica Magazine N° 42

Contains the main projects being executed by the JJC Group and includes recent activities that contribute to our stakeholders: Clients, Shareholders, Employees and Places where we operate.

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Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Quality


ISO 45001:2018 Safety and Occupational Health

ISO 37001:2016 Anti-bribery Management