Callao Multipurpose Terminal Modernization

General Information

Client APM Terminals Callao
Location Callao, Peru
Date 2013 - 2016


  • Demolition and new construction of Pier 11 for Post Panamax vessels.
  • Demolition of existing buildings, facilities, and pavements. Complementary dredging adjacent to pier 5.
  • Excavation and backfilling of the quay in the littoral areas.
  • Pavements (medium, heavy, and light duty).
  • Terminal Buildings (New Administration, Workshop, and Amenities building).
  • Minor Works (Fuel station, RTG washing, electrical substations, perimeter wall, platforms, leakage pit, pump room).
  • Electrical systems (transformers, generators, etc.).
  • Water systems (fire, potable water, and sewer).
  • Ground improvement at the eastern end of Berth 5E (cut and fill gravel columns).
  • Powerhouse with diesel generators, power lines, and electric pumps for the temporary and permanent fire fighting system.
  • Complementary designs.

Project data

of steel
36K m2
of formwork
34K m3
of concrete